Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 10, 2012 - Sunday Vigil

Jenny, Nick, Richard, Marsha, Chris and myself gathered for our Sunday Vigil.  We prayed our usual intentions...for a change in the pro-abortion hearts, for a conversion of abortionists and their staffs, for all prayer warriors--that they remain strong in their mission to speak the truth!


Jenny, Nick, Gino...and several other prayer warriors attended.  Below is an overview  -- thank you Jenny and Gordon for your input!   Thank you to all who were able to attend!


I arrived at WomanCare abortion mill about 10:50 so I could say some prayers for the unborn. I said hello to Sue, Ellen, Diane, Debra & Marie, gave them all a big hug for being out there in prayer then Nick (St Blase) showed up & Diane (St Edmund) & I/Jenny (St Malachy) went with him to the rally in Detroit.

Monica Miller-- co-national director of Stand Up for Religious Freedom started us off with a prayer.

* A receptive crowd listened to 7 speakers: Stacy Swimp, President of the Fredrick Douglass Society, Pastor Claude May, Oasis of Hope Church, Detroit, Fr. Fedewa, Associate Pastor of St. Anastasia Catholic Church in Troy, Professor Mary Healy S.T.D. of Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Bishop Ira Combs D.D., Jackson, Teresa Tomeo, host of WDEO Catholic Connection, Sr. Rosemarie Kujawa, President of Madonna University, and Bishop Michael Byrnes who filled in for Archbishop Alan Vigneron as keynote speaker. Rally director, Monica Miller was sorry to inform the crowd, that Archbishop was attending the funeral of his father who passed away just three days ago.

* Pastor May spoke about how black Americans are being targeted by Planned Parenthood & thousands of black boys & girls are being killed every, single day.

*Father Fedewa, who is celebrating his first year in the priesthood on Saturday, June 9, spoke to us about the inalienable rights that come to us from our Creator and how the Founding Fathers had the wisdom to know this. He spoke about how government does not have the power under law to usurp these rights and take them away from us.

Bishop Byrnes spoke that he hoped it would not come to it, but that someday soon, the faithful lay, priests and bishops may someday have to go to jail for standing up for their rights.  He gave us his blessing. After the rally, I went over to thank him, shook his hand & told him that there are so very many of us who pray for him daily.

* Theresa Tomeo, on Catholic radio & EWTN spoke about how we women MUST speak up & let it be known that not all women agree with the HHS mandate; not all women agree with abortion; not all women agree with contraception. The pro-choice folks DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL WOMEN!!! They are LOTS!!! of us who believe & live the teachings of the Catholic Church. She told us how the supporters of the HHS Mandate were saying that the Catholic Church had declared a war on women.  She refuted this by pointing out that our protests were focused on saving lives, not taking them.  She reminded us that in nations that have practiced a one child policy, the female children are the ones that are aborted.  Throughout the world today there are 100 Million women missing to abortion and this is a major cause for human trafficking in these same nations.  Here in the US, gender selection abortion is on the rise.  Are we so stupid, or so evil to not see the error of this thinking?

Teresa urged everyone to see the new movie, For the Greater Glory, which is the story of the Cristeros War which raged in Mexico between 1926 and 1929.  The government of Mexico moved far toward socialism and declared war on the Church.  Churches were burned, priests and faithful parishioners were murdered and finally the people rose up and with the cry of Viva Cristo Rey (Long Live Christ the King) the regained the open practice of their faith, after 0ver 90,000 had been killed.  Today this fact is hardly known, even in Mexico.  But in God’s great plan we have a group of movie producers who just happened to release this film at this time. Coincidence, we think not! She spoke about the new movie out now about the martyrs in Mexico who stood up for their religious freedom & even were killed for it.

Gordon Peck was there with his wife Janice, (St. Malachy) and his son Alexander and daughter-in-law, Keri.  Gordon had made his own signs and Janice was passing them out while Gordon took photographs of the crowd.  From his photos and from comparing them with an aerial photo of the plaza, Gordon estimates that there were between 2,200 and 2,500 people in attendance.  It was noted that three TV News broadcast vans passed by during the Rally bit none of them stopped, so we are unsure how they will estimate the size of the Rally.  Gordon said he did not (yet) see any mention of the Rally on the TV media (surprise!).  Freedom of speech or control of media!?

The young kids with the big yellow LIFE balloons showed up with a hand-made sail boat with a huge sail with LIFE on it. They also had their big yellow rosary that they let go after the rally & it floated around the MacNamara building out of our view then a bit later it was way high up in the sky back in our view again.

Two sad souls had signs that read "Catholics in support of the HHS mandate" & the other woman had a sign that read "Kathleen Sebelius for Pope". They were totally ignorned by our pro-life group. Actually, I kept praying for them throughout the rally. Such misguided women. What is wrong with them?!?!? May God wrap His healing arms around them and zap the Holy Spirit's wisdom into their souls & bring them back to the Catholic Church. geeezzzzz, they totally don't get what this is all about. How can folks be so tricked?!?!? Satan is really at work in our country & in fact, all over this world of ours. O Lord, help us fight him!!!

A prayer warrior who has prayed with me on Thursday nights now & then, Ray I believe is his name, stopped by to say hello. We talked a bit & I told him that now we have 1/2 Group Prayer Vigils twice a week - Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. & Sundays at 3:00 p.m. so folks who have difficulty making it to WomanCare abortion mill on Thursday nights now can pray at the Sunday vigil at 3:00.

* When the people mover went by each time, we held up our STOP the HHS mandate signs. I had my rosary hanging from my right hand, so they could see we were praying there also.

June 7, 2012 - Thursday Vigil

Maribeth, Sue, Richard, Chris, Nick, Virginia & myself gathered for the group prayer vigil. Richard read a reflection on Noah's obedience to God from Genesis.  I thought how we pro-lifers must also carry out God's commands as Noah did.  No matter how foolish some folks might think it is to be out there praying for the unborn, it is what God commands & I find that most folks are happy we are out there. Richard then led us in various pro-life prayer intentions & we all answered Lord, hear our prayer. We then took turns reading various prayers & pro-life beatitude reflections which were just beautiful.  Our songs for the evening were Amazing Grace & City of God.

Richard is not 100% back to perfect health so he left after the 1/2 group prayer vigil.  We must keep him & all our other prayer warriors who are dealing with physical difficulties in our daily prayers.  We girls then walked slowly back & forth taking turns leading the rosary, meditating on the Joyful Mysteries because of the joyous day it will be tomorrow when all over our nation folks will be at the various Stand Up For Religious Freedom rallies.  Lord, hear our prayer for the healing of our nation.
     One negative yelled at the start of our prayers then all positives, happy honks, thumbs up, smiles, waves from those driving by our prayer group.  Beautiful sunny day, a smidge warm, so we kept in the shade the entire time.  (Jenny)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 31, 2012 - Thursday Vigil

Nick, Maribeth, Sue and I gathered for prayer this evening.  Mary and Nick walked back & forth on the sidewalk saying the rosary.  Maribeth, Sue and I took turns reading from the 40 Days for Life Group prayer vigil booklet for our first half-hour of prayer.  Nick joined us in singing songs from the booklet after he finished his rosary. 

At the start of our group prayer vigil, a VERY angry old man, on a bike, plowed right through the four of us…(the same man who angrily walked through us before!)…cussing continuously.  We all wonder what made him so mean…does he have any friends?.....does he have any family?  As frustrated as he makes us, we know we need to lift him up in prayer, so he can feel the love of Jesus. 

We prayed the Luminous Mysteries (Nick was the leader) for our second half-hour—lifting up all who are involved in abortion and for a change in hearts of the hard-hearted.  We received happy honks, encouraging waves, and thumbs up throughout the rest of the prayer hour. (Thank You Jesus!)

At the end of our hour, a darling elderly man who was stopped at the driveway (with a rosary hanging from his mirror), waved and gave our group a BIG smile and nod of approval for being out there praying for an end to abortion.   

We ended our hour by saying another special prayer for all hard hearted folks like the man who rode his bike past/through us this evening and then reading our prayer for the conversion of all those involved at the abortion mills. It was a beautiful night of sharing with fellow prayer warriors. 
Remember, all are invited to join us every Thursday night at 6:00 p.m.    (Jenny & Maribeth)