Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 12, 2012 - Thursday Vigil

   After blessing ourselves with holy water, we stood on the grass a little ways down from the abortion mill as the grass was being cut.  Richard led Maribeth & I in the rosary, with a brief Sorrowful meditation before each decade.  Lots of traffic & lots of thumbs up, happy honks, smiles & waves.  When I see a car with a rosary hanging from the mirror, I always say a quick prayer "Lord, let them stop & join us in prayer for a bit."  Every now & again, this actually happens. Thank you, Jesus!!! We heard one negative "leave them alone."  What was that man thinking?!?!?  If we do not stand out here in front of the place where innocent unborn babies are being killed, no one will know.  That is exactly what satan wants... keep this evil hidden... not gonna happen as long as I am healthy enough to be out there.  Many!!! folks that stop by & thank us for praying here tell us, "I didn't know abortion was going on here."  Of course not, WomanCare does not sound like a baby killing mill, does it?  Anyways, we said a prayer for enlightment for that misguided man.

     After the noise from the lawn service was gone, we were able to read from "Family Prayers, Reflecitons, & Songs" booklet.  We took turns reading about the Nativity & all the hardships the Holy Family had to go through.  It made me say to myself, Jesus forgive me!!! how dare I complain about anything in my life!!! These 2000+ years later, we have it, electricity, etc, etc, etc. Richard then led us in prolife intentions. Weanswered, "God of guidance and hope, hear our prayer. We then read about Noah & were reminded how the rainbow is a sign from God of His covenant made with Noah. We then sang Here I am Lord & Blest be the  Lord. Richard led us in the Stations of the Cross.

   We prayer warriors are!!! making a difference by simply being out there in peaceful prayer in front of these killing mills.  I know that God anwers every prayer, but in His own perfect way, so I await to see what He has planned for our country & our world at this difficult time we are going through.  As always, we said the Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionists and their Staffs.  (Jenny)

Friday, July 6, 2012

July 5, 2012 - Thursday Vigil

     It was in the 80's this evening with a breeze the entire hour.  So much better than last week when it was 101. I sprinkled a little holy water on the ground.  Richard arrived right after me & we had a little bit of time before 6pm so we blest ourselves with holy water and said The Prayer for the Helpless Unborn to begin our prayer time together, the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel for all prayer warriors, the Dearest Mother Mary prayer for healing of post-abortive women, Blessed JPII's pro-life prayer & the Prayer for our Pastors.

     At 6pm Richard read various reflections on scripture regarding Solomon & the Holy Innocents, then led Family Prayer Intentions to which I answered Lord hear our prayer & said the Prayer for Family Life.  We then joined our voices in prayerful, pro-life songs from the back of the booklet.  We ended the 1/2 hour prayer vigil praying the Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionists and their Staffs.

     Richard then led the rosary reading a brief Luminous Mystery meditation before each Hail Mary.  Nancy arrived & joined us.  We had a little time after the rosary & each of us took turns leading quick pro-life prayer meditations  on each Hail mary bead. 

     No negatives this evening & lots!!! of happy honks, thumbs up, smiles & "God bless you for doing this" from  those driving by and those stopped for the light.  A group of six young folks drove by with thumbs up out their windows then a few minutes later drove over to our prayer group to talk.  They asked us what we were doing & Richard told them we were praying to end abortion. They asked if abortions were done around here & he pointed to WomanCare.  They were all disgusted.  Then Richard asked me to bring my rosary packettes over to them.  I gave each of them a booklet "How to Say the Rosary" along with their rosary as well as a Baby Jesus prayer card.  The two girls said, "O Baby Jesus is so cute, we love Baby Jesus."  They were all really!!! happy to receive these prayer items.  I told them our website is on the back of the Baby Jesus prayer card & to check it out when they get a chance.

     WOW!!! that was really cool to see a group of young ones so!!! PRO-LIFE.  It was a very beautiful blessing for Richard, Nancy & myself to share our love for the unborn with them.  (Jenny)

June 28, 2012 - Thursday Vigil

O my gosh!!! I could not believe it was 101 when I arrived for the prayer vigil.We stood under the trees & there was a breeze the entire hour, so it was not that bad.  Mary was again going to 7pm Mass so she started off the Rosary & Chris, Sue & I took turns leading as well.  We meditated on the Joyful Mysteries because of the joyful news that Mary had given us about the one-week old teeny, little twins doing pretty good.  They still have a long way to go but are getting better every day.  One of our last Hail Mary's was offered up for souls to be healed of a young guy & a young gal who said "not so nice" things as they drove by.  For the rest of the time though, we heard happy honks & "God bless you for doing this" from one man who was stopped by the light near us.  A very!!! pregnant lady & her little girl walked by & I held up my "Pray to End Abortion" sign & she gave me a big smile & nod of approval.  We ended praying together the Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionists and Their Staffs.  (Jenny)

June 14, 2012 - Thursday Vigil

     Mary walked back & forth on the sidewalk with her pro-life sign & stood on the grass facing traffic in front of WomanCare abortion mill praying the rosary until she had to leave for 7pm Mass.

     Richard, Marcia, Nancy, Matthew & myself stood in the shade of the trees down a bit from where Mary was praying her rosary.  Richard led us in an Old Testament Litany For Life from our 40 Days for Life Family Prayers, Reflections, & Songs booklet.  We all responded Lord, You give us life!  We then took turns reading various litanies & prayers.  We joined our voices in song of praise & prayed the Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionists & their Staffs.  We five prayed the rosary with Matthew giving a brief meditation of each Glorious Mystery as we each led a decade of the rosary.

     Richard asked that we pass along a request to those who are able to be out at WomanCare abortion mill on Friday mornings at 9a.m.  For the women who have scheduled appointments to have their unborn babies killed there, may our prayers & fasting for them bring God's healing touch upon them to change their minds & give life to their little ones.  Also, we pray for those who go through with it, that they will one day seek forgiveness from God who is always ready to shower down His divine mercy for those who ask it of Him.

     There was lots!!! of traffic as always during that time of night & folks were waving, honking in approval & giving smiles to our little prayer group.  Some who were stopped for the light said "God bless you"  & other positive things.  We said "come join us in prayer when you get a chance."  I don't remember any negatives toward us & if there were, they did not register in my brain.   It was a beautiful day, a bit warm & we were thankful for the shade from the trees.

     Please remember, our 1/2 HOUR GROUP PRAYER VIGILS are now EACH THURSDAY NIGHT AT 6pm & EACH SUNDAY at 3pm.  Join us in peaceful prayer & songs of praise at WomanCare 15 Mile & Dodge Park if you are able.  Also, you can check out the St. Malachy Church bulletin for the article reflecting both 1/2 group prayer vigils if you would like to place this info in your church bulletin ---  --- Hopefully, that would get more & more folks out there in peaceful prayer to end this evil which would be excellent!!!    (Jenny)