Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

Christine was already at the clinic when I arrived.  Oh my was it cold!!  15 degrees!!  We bundled up and began our walk of witnessing and praying.  We announced our prayer intentions for the helpless unborn, the conversion of the abortionists and their staffs, the change in hearts for moms and dads who would be coming to this clinic and all those clinics around the world tomorrow morning, and for safety and impact of our fellow friends who are at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. representing LIFE!  (Jenny, we missed you...but our prayers are with all of you as you bring the important message to DEFEND LIFE to our nation's capital!)

We prayed the Luminous Mysteries--lead by Christine (who also gave wisdom-filled reflections before each decade--thank you!).  1.  Jesus was baptized in the water and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him; may we find a rebirth in our passion for defending LIFE through the Holy Spirit.  2.  Jesus changed the plain water into choice wine; may He change us from our lackluster ways to extraordinary ways of serving Him in this battle for life.  3.  Jesus proclaims the Kingdom and calls all to conversion; may all those who do not believe in Jesus or the sanctity of life be changed by His power and Presence and join us as we share the good news of the gift of life.  4.  Jesus was transfigured before the apostles; let our lives be transformed before others so they see Christ in us as we speak for the unborn, the elderly, the disabled, and all those that society has cast aside.  5.  Jesus gave us the Eucharist;  let us also continue to take in the Word (Jesus is the Word, and the Word became flesh) to give us strength to continue to speak up and stand up for truth.

We ended our prayer time with thanksgiving and praises to our most merciful God, along with continued prayers for the helpless unborn.  We had a few "nice" honks of encouragement -- thank You God!  It really was a blessing to share this prayer time with each other -- even though our toes were froze, our hearts were warm with gratitude!  (Maribeth)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013

Today is a sad day in America – knowing that for 40 years our government has said it is legal to kill an innocent, unborn child just because they are not “wanted.” 

My prayer is that the younger generation is stirred by the Spirit to make the change in this abominable law.  They are our future and we need to do all we can to educate them in the truth that life is a gift that needs to be defended.

Thank you, mighty prayer warriors, for taking the stand for life and bringing the Good News of Jesus to all areas of our community…and beyond.

God’s most Holy, Perfect, and Infallible Word tells us in Matthew 19:26:  “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”

So let us continue to pray, encourage one another, and nurture our youth…and keep the faith that God will make things right.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

Christine & I blest ourselves with holy water, sprinkled a bit on the ground, then began walking while she read the opening prayers. I held my Lady of Guadalupe candle, too windy for it to stay lit & I'll tell ya, even though it was 30, with the wind it seemed much!!! colder, so layers are a must now when you prayer at WomenCare. Christine began leading the rosary with a brief Joyful Mystery before each Hail Mary. Maribeth arrived to join us. We held our pro-life signs & walked slowly on the grass toward the traffic light. That way was fine, the wind was at our backs but walking back toward the abortion mill we really had to hold on to our signs because of the strong wind every now & then & our faces felt frozen. We then sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Our prayer hour this evening was for all involved in abortion in any way & the Chaplet especially for the conversion of the abortion doctors. Then Maribeth closed our vigil with a beautiful prayer for all who will be attending the March for Life in Wash, D.C. I was really glad to get in my car as my fingers were quite cold but I warmed up in a few minutes, so that hour of a little pain from the cold I gladly offered up to God in reparation for the sin of abortion.  (Jenny)

January 10, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

After blessing myself with holy water & sprinkling a bit on the ground I placed my lit Lady of Guadalupe candle on the sidewalk, faced WomanCare abortion mill & began the opening prayers with my Pray To End Abortion sign hanging from my arm facing traffic.  Happy honks right away.  Folks know that we are praying for the end of this evil & let us know they are happy we are doing so.  Maribeth arrived, yeah!!! We continued the opening prayers as we stared walking to the traffic light to keep warm & Christine joined us, yeah!!! She took over leading all the opening prayers then the Rosary with a brief Glorious Mystery before each Hail Mary. A few more happy honks were heard & a negative. A young man yelled "abortion should be legal."  I shook my head & said "no, no, no" as the car drove away. The "drive-by yellers" don't give us much time to answer but I'm sure he got my message. We right away said a prayer for conversion of his hardened heart. We ended our prayer hour with Christine leading the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. All was offered up for those involved in abortion in any way.  It was a bit cold, but we all dress in layers, so we are ready for it. Just your fingers & toes get a bit cold after an hour but an hour is not long when you are walking & praying for the unborn who are in such danger nowadays.

I went to get my carry out from My Pizza Place & a man was sitting on the bench & asked for some $ for food. I said just a minute & went in to get my order & told the owner of the pizza place about the hungry man & he had him come in to warm up & gave him a piece of pizza & pop. I said good night & God bless you to both of them & they answered me back the same.  I don't give $ to strangers cuz if they are druggies I don't want to pay for their drugs but I have no problem asking for a bit of food for them & it worked out well Thursday night. The pizza place owner is a really nice man & the hungry stranger seemed very nice also & was really appreciative of the meal in a nice warm place, so thank you Lord for working that out so nicely.  (Jenny truly is the hands and feet of Jesus!!! ...and her presence there helped out another child of God.  Thank you Jenny for your example.)

     Our peaceful prayer vigils will continue at WomanCare abortion mill, 15 Mile & Dodge Park:
Wednesdays at 9am; Thursdays at 6pm and Fridays at 9am.  Please join us out there when you are able to do soOur continued thanks to HPW's who pray for us on-site PW's.   (Jenny)

Friday, January 4, 2013

January 3, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

Happy New Year ~~ May this year be the time that all hearts are awakened to defend the precious gift of life that God has bestowed upon us.  Let us all join together in this battle to respect LIFE AT ALL STAGES!  Amen!


 I blest myself with holy water & sprinkled a bit on the ground then placed my lit Lady of Guadalupe candle on the sidewalk, faced WomanCare abortion mill & began the opening prayers with my Pray To End Abortion sign hanging from my arm facing traffic.  Maribeth arrived, yeah!!! She held her pro-life sign & also the candle as we began our walking to & from the traffic light.  It was cold (30) but unlike last week there was a breeze so it felt much colder but one hour of prayer for the precious unborn is offered up glady by us prayer warriors.  After the opening prayers, I began the rosary with a brief Sorrowful Mystery meditation before each Hail Mary.  Christine arrived, yeah!!! She took over leading the Rosary as well as the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  We heard happy honks & one negative ~ a car slowed down next to us & a young lady yelled "when don't you get a life & stop bothering people" ~ then drove away to the 7-11.  So of course, we did not get the chance to explain to her what our peaceful prayer vigils are all about ~ being the voice for the precious unborn. As she drove by us again, she flipped us of.  Right then we offered up the rest of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for her hardened heart as well as all those men & women like her who are so hateful toward us prayer warriors. However, we will NOT go away. That is exactly!!! what the abortionists want, for us pro-life folks to just go away, so they will be able to keep doing there evil killing of the unborn babies without anyone bringing awareness to what is going on in neighborhoods all over this nation of ours.  Christine then led us in the Stations of the Cross. Lord, help us continue to keep being out there for our little unborn brothers & sisters who have no voice at all in the world. Amen!!!  (Jenny)

December 27, 2012 - Thursday Vigil

Maribeth & I blest ourselves with holy water & I sprinkled a bit on the ground then I held my Lady of Guadalupe candle , changing hands every now & then to warm them up. I had my Pray to End Abortion sign hanging from my arm & Maribeth held her pro-life sign as well. It was pretty cold (27) & huge mounds of snow covered part of the sidewalk so we had to keep on eye on the cars to make sure we got out of the way but it was not windy, so it was not a problem & folks are pretty nice to us when we are out there praying for the unborn.

We offered up our prayer hour for all involved with abortion in any way & each decade of the Rosary we offered for a specific pro-life intention ~ for the women who would be at WomanCare abortion mill on Friday morning planning on killing their little ones, that they would see the Prayer Warriors praying for them & give life to their babies ~ for healing of post-abortive women ~ for priests & pastors to speak up more & more for the unborn ~ for the conversion of the abortion doctors ~ for men to stand up for the child they helped create & "man up" to the situation & be there for the mom & the baby. We meditated on the Luminous Mysteries during the Rosary.

When we were standing down by the traffic light a car was turning & a guy yelled out "Amen" giving us the peace sign (I must say, it was a very!!! festive Amen!!! I think he had consumed some holiday cheer, but he definitely had the pro-life spirit.) Then after we had walked a bit more a guy stopped by & said "thank you! What you are doing is great! Thank you!" We said "God bless you for stopping by to talk to us."

We then sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy specifically for all abortion doctors to end this evil. Our hour was up & we were both pretty cold but it was worth it to be able to bring light upon what is going on in that place every Friday morning. I picked up my carry out from the Chinese place & the darling lady who owns it said "that hat is not warm enough for this weather." (I wear my Detroit baseball cap.) So I showed her how I wrap my long scarf around my hat & she was happy about that. She is such a sweetie!!! (Jenny)

December 20, 2012 - Thursday Vigil

Christine joined my for the 6pm Prayer Vigil this evening. We blest ourselves with holy water & I sprinkled a bit on the ground then I placed the Lady of Guadalupe candle on the sidewalk & we huddled under my big umbrella against the rain & wind this evening. Christine mentioned all the pro-life prayer intentions we would be offering up to God during our Rosary & Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Together we said the Prayer for the Helpless Unborn to open our vigil & for all Prayer Warriors in this world we offered up of the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.

Christine led the Rosary giving a brief meditation for each of the Luminous Mysteries. A lady slowed down in front of us & gave us the thumbs up sign. We heard happy honks throughout the evening. It was raining slightly the entire hour & a bit windy at times so folks were not walking by this evening.

After Christine led us in the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, she read the prayer on the back of the candle to Our Lady of Guadalupe. We prayed that no abortions would be done tomorrow, that being so close to Christmas, women would see the Prayer Warriors praying for them tomorrow morning and Our Lord would touch their hearts & they would decide not to have their baby killed but instead to give he or she life & if needed to ask for help at the pro-life pregnancy center.  (Jenny)

December 13, 2012 - Thursday Vigil

Christine, Maribeth & I blest ourselves with holy water & I sprinkled a bit on the ground. We faced the abortion mill with our pro-life signs facing traffic & said all our opening prayers. Then Christine & Maribeth took turns leading the Holy Rosary reading a brief Glorious Mystery before each Hail Mary. A woman drove up to us & asked "is it closed yet?" meaning WomanCare abortion mill (there is a "for lease" sign in the window). Maribeth told her no, the dentist office is closed & for lease. I told her that one Thursday night a while back the girls who work in the dentist office told me how happy they all were because they got out of their lease & moved to another building a mile or so away. Their patient's were starting to say that they did not want to be in the office below where the abortions were going on because they just had a very bad, creepy feeling while they were there getting their dental work done. All we can do now is to keep fasting & praying that little-by-little, one abortion mill & then another will close because more & more men & women will be keeping their babies & more & more will keep themselves out of that situation.

We continued walking along the grass area to & from the traffic light. It was cold, in the upper 30's but we were all dressed in layers so it was not that bad. We heard happy honks every now & then & no negatives. It was 7pm as we closed the prayer hour looking at the big American flag, putting our right hands on our hearts & saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

My Lady of Guadalupe candle will be lit each time we pray now because I watched an EWTN program "Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of Hope & what an excellent story I heard. A young woman was sitting in an abortion mill & "something" made her look out the window, so she turned around, opened the blinds & saw people praying out there. She also saw a big picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She started thinking "what am I doing? I know this is wrong! I was brought up better than this! Then she said, "Oh my gosh, there is Father Pavone" & that did it... she walked out of the abortion mill right then, sobbing, & the first thing that happened was a woman praying there saw her & walked up to her & gave her a big hug. Then this young woman walked over to Father Pavone & said "Father, I feel so ashamed about what I was about to do to my baby. I don't want my baby killed. I want to keep my baby. I know I have hurt our Lord so much by just being in that place. Please hear my confession." She said Father Pavone heard her confession right there & they had a beautiful, long talk about how God forgives her & He will bless her for giving life to her baby. This young women asked all the folks praying for her to attend the baptism of her little baby girl. She named her baby Guadalupe. I was crying as I watched this young women tell her story with tears in her eyes & I just knew that I must!!! have Our Lady of Guadalupe's candle lit now every time I pray for the little unborn ones who are in danger of being killed at WomanCare abortion mill. Tonight & every time we pray out there, we will read the prayer on the back of my candle.

Being out there on Thursday nights, we pray especially for the little ones who might be killed Friday mornings. Lord, please let these women see the prayer warriors out there praying for them & give them Your truth & light & strength to just get up & walk out of there & get help from the prayer warriors. Amen!!!  (Jenny)