Monday, April 22, 2013

April 18, 2013 -- NO PRAYER VIGIL

The weather was too dangerous to pray outside -- but Jenny kept the vigil going at home.

April 11, 2013 - Thursday Prayer Vigil

I blest myself with holy water, sprinkled a bit on the ground & faced WomanCare abortion mill & said all the opening prayers. My intentions for the hour were for all involved in abortion in any way. It was quite chilly & damp & I was really!!! glad that I had dressed in layers cuz the wind was pretty strong at times. I had my Pray To End Abortion sign hanging from my arm & held onto my Praying the Rosary without Distraction booklet against the wind & read a brief Luminous Mystery meditation before each Hail Mary.

Christine arrived...yeah!!! & she took over leading the Rosary & we started walking to & from the traffic light on the grass. It started raining pretty hard so we stopped & huddled together under my big umbrella in front of the abortion mill & finished the Rosary. For the conversion of all abortionists & their staffs we said the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. We closed with the Pledge of Allegiance as we faced the beautiful American flag. We got smiles & happy honks from folks passing by & a few just looked at us like we were crazy but no matter, we are happy to be out there bringing light to this evil of killing babies in the womb. I still cannot believe such a thing is happening right here in our neighborhood. Lord, please let it end!!! Amen!!! I was soooo glad to get in my car & warm up on the way home.  (Jenny)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 4, 2013 - Thursday Prayer Vigil

Christine & I blest ourselves with holy water, sprinkled a bit on the ground & faced WomanCare abortion mill as she began with our prayer intentions then said all the opening prayers. What a beautiful, sunny evening. Hopefully, the snow, freezing weather is done!!! We heard happy honks & those passing us by on bike or walking gave us smiles & nods of approval. One drive by screamer called us idiots. I held up my Rosary toward her car & my praying hands so she could see that I would be praying for her misguided remark to us. Lord, help her hardened heart, lost soul. We then walked to the traffic light & back while Christine led the Holy Rosary, reading a brief Joyful Mystery medication before each Hail Mary. I held up my Pray To End Abortion sign which got lots of happy honks.

We then said the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the conversion of all abortion doctors & their staffs. Divine Mercy is this Sunday, April 7th, an excellent day to get to confession, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament & Holy Mass, starting at 2:00 at St. Thecla Church. I will most definitely be there & you all will most definitely be in my heart & prayers for sure.

We had a bit of time left so Christine read from our 40 Days for Life Family Prayers, Reflections, & Songs booklet & what was cool was that after the drive by screamer yelled idiots, Christine read the next prayer intention which was "that the Holy Spirit will strengthen & guide all who are engaged in the Pro-Life cause & inspire new recruits" which I answered with "Lord hear our prayer" & said, "let those who drive by & scream at us one day be out here praying with us for the end of abortion." Lord hear our prayer! ! !
Then a beautiful blessing!!! ....a young woman & man stopped by with questions for us, so we pointed to WomanCare & told them that is where abortions are done & gave them each an info pack & they will check out our website & when they have more time will stop by & pray with us... so great!!!

Christine & I then closed our prayer vigil by saying the Pledge of Allegiance as we looked at our beautiful American flag then hugs & good byes. I picked up my Chinese carry out & Mrs. Pong grabbed my hands & said to thank all the Prayer Warriors for the beautiful cards & she really liked the "Footsteps" blanket we got her & was happy to see me at the funeral service for Mr. Pong & the Mass for him as well. She is such a darling lady.   (Jenny)