Monday, November 25, 2013

November 21, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

I stood under my umbrella facing WomanCare abortion mill, blest myself with holy water & sprinkled a bit on the ground. I said the Prayer for the Helpless Unborn & a lady who had just gotten her nails done stopped her car to read my sign & gave me a nice smile. For all PW's who peacefully pray in front of abortion mills all over the world, I said the Prayer to St. Michael. 

Maribeth arrived and we walked back & forth to keep warm in the chilly, rainy evening & she led the Holy Rosary giving a beautiful Luminous Mystery meditation before each decade. We then sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the conversion of all abortionists. Its dark at 6pm now, so unable to see folks driving by but we heard happy honks throughout our prayer hour. We closed with the Pledge of Allegiance then into our cars to warm up & get out of the rain.  (Jenny)

Too bad the Abortion Clinic wasn't cited for a violation against LIFE!

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 14, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

As I was the lone PW this evening, I walked to & from the trees under the streetlight holding my pro-life sign. I blest myself with holy water & sprinkled a bit on the ground. It was in the low 50's but windy, so a bit chilly. I had two scarfs on & many layers. I said the Holy Rosary meditating on the Luminous Mysteries, singing the Hail Marys & Our Fathers then sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I offered up this prayer hour for those little ones who are scheduled to end up in the "red bucket" tomorrow morning, that their moms will see God's light & not have their babies killed. Just makes me so sad to think about this going on in our world today but I will keep praying because I know He answers every prayer in His own perfect way. I picked up my carry out from the Chinese & pizza place & was glad to warm up in my car on the way home. Happy honks throughout the prayer hour, which is always nice to hear. No negatives this evening!  (Jenny)  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 7, 2013 -- Thursday Vigil

It's dark out now for the entire prayer vigil & getting colder so dress warm if you plan to join Maribeth & I.  With my pro-life sign facing traffic with balloons attached to it, I blest myself & the ground around me, faced WomanCare abortion mill & began the opening prayers for all involved in abortion in any way.   Maribeth arrived ~ yeah!!! She continued the opening prayers then led the Holy Rosary reading a brief Glorious Mystery meditation before each Hail Mary.  We then sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the abortionists to be converted to God's light & truth & to leave the culture of death. Maribeth then said a beautiful closing prayer especially for the little unborn babies who are in danger of being killed tomorrow morning.  We ended our vigil with the Pledge of Allegiance. Good bye hugs, then into our cars to warm up on our way home.  (Jenny)


Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 3, 2013 -- DAY FORTY - FALL 2013 40 DAYS FOR LIFE


Last night, over 20 of us gathered in a big circle, opened with the Angeles, then we prayed the Holy Rosary as Sue read beautiful Joyful Mystery meditations before each Hail Mary. We then offered up our prayers in song with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, holding big yellow LIFE balloons, It's a Baby Boy, It's a Baby Girl, pink & blue balloons as well. Many happy honks & thumbs up & a negative.  I said a quick prayer for the soul of this misguided young man. We dressed in layers for the chilly Michigan weather & then warmed up in St. Malachy Church where our dear Shepherd, Father Joe, said a beautiful pro-life prayer to begin a lovely, peaceful, holy time there. We were all blessed as Justin, St. M's Music Director, composer E. Louis Canter & the angelic voices of their choir members performed "Requiem for the Innocents." Absolutely glorious!!! If you wish for their performance at your church, call Justin for more info (586) 264-1220.  (Jenny)

Thank you to all of our might prayer warriors who participated in the Fall 2013 40 Days for Life Sterling Heights campaign.  With YOU, we have made another impact in our community about how sacred and precious life really is!!  May you and your families be blessed abundantly!  (Maribeth)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 2, 2013 -- DAY THIRTY-NINE - FALL 2013 40 DAYS FOR LIFE

6:00 p.m. Vigil

As I arrived at WomanCare I could see a PW walking back & forth on the sidewalk. It was Carol Washington ~ yeah!!! from Bethlehem Temple Baptist Church who had PW's there throughout the day during their Adopt--Day prayer vigil today. We hugged hello & I asked her if she would say an opening prayer to begin my 6pm prayer vigil & as always, it was just beautiful.  We talked a bit then she continued her prayers along the sidewalk & I walked along the grass area saying/singing the Holy Rosary meditating on the Joyful Mysteries.  Shortly thereafter, Bishop Bradley arrived & after hello hugs he joined Carol on the sidewalk & I finished my Rosary.  Then for the conversion of abortionists I sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  We each held pro-life signs & throughout the hour we heard happy honks & were given thumbs up & I saw an absolutely darling thing as I held my "Pray To End Abortion" sign facing traffic by the light where cars were stopped, I could see the driver giving me thanks with thumbs up & in the back seat I could see this teensy thumbs up from the little one. It was just too precious!!!! Just made me giggle.  After I finished the Chaplet I joined Bishop Bradley & Carol on the sidewalk in silent prayer.  Then we ended our prayer time together joining hands & Bishop Bradley said a beautiful pro-life Closing Prayer. Carol said she will try to be back to attend the Closing Prayer Vigil Sunday night at 6pm. It was very chilly & a bit windy. Darling, little Carol was just shivering. I know she had been there for a while before I arrived. I was glad she was going to to be able to get warmed up in her car. What a blessed peaceful, prayerful evening we three PW's had tonight. (Jenny)

Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013 -- DAY THIRTY-EIGHT - FALL 2013 40 DAYS FOR LIFE

7:00 a.m. Vigil

The wind was strong and mighty this morning. With the thick cloud cover, daylight came very slowly and gradually. This morning was a confirmation that we have a mighty God!  We place all of our trust in him. You have given us a free will, may our will always be one with Yours.  We are thankful for our religious freedom. Witnessing to the sanctity of life out on the sidewalk is a freedom shared by only 24% of the world's population.  May the innocent children in the womb all experience the the God-given right to life.  (Sue K)

6:00 p.m. Vigil 

In the chilly, windy weather, I faced WomanCare abortion mill, blest myself with holy water, sprinkled a bit around me then began my opening prayers & offered up the prayer vigil for all involved in abortion in anyway. Shortly thereafter, darling 22-yr-old Sarah stopped by to look at both sides of my sign & find out what we are doing out here. I told her, peacefully praying for the unborn ~ being their voice. We talked about what goes on at the abortion mill, about the precious, tiny baby parts in the red bucket they call "medical waste", how sickening is that!!! She agreed as we both had tears in our eyes.  She said "you are my voice too.  I can't have children, so adoption will be my choice." That is why she is against abortion. She had breast cancer at 12 & was treated successfully & has been cancer-free for these 10 years. 

Maribeth arrived & the three of us talked pro-life a bit more & about Sarah in the bible & Maribeth said "God has great plans for you, Sarah."  She was getting very cold so we hugged good bye & told her we would be praying for her. She will read the info I gave her & probably join us in prayer one Thursday night.  Such a sweet girl. She certainly warmed our hearts with her encouragement to continue our praying for the unborn which we will do for sure.  Maribeth & I walked along the grass as she said the rest of the opening prayers & led the Holy Rosary reading a brief Sorrowful Mystery meditation before each decade. As we were going to start the last Mystery, The Crucifixion, we realized it was time to leave for 7pm All Saints Day Mass at St. Malachy. Pro-life intentions were offered up during our First Friday service after Mass. What a blest day & evening this has been ~ praying with Maribeth for the unborn then praying & singing at All Saints Day Mass with her & her husband, just a great Friday for us all!!!  (Jenny)