Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SPRING 2014 40 DAYS FOR LIFE: Day 24 - March 28

Icon of the Black Madonna Prayer Vigil
We had a successful day going to pray at the 2 abortion mills in Sterling Heights, 1st  we went to the WOMAN CARE and then to NORTHLAND FAMILY PLANNING CENTER in the Serendipity building.  The 40 Days for Life teams are so motivated and made sure many people were out there to pray. Mike & Kathy L’Esperance are doing a great job of keeping everyone motivated at WOMANCARE.  The police were called by unhappy against-life campers--but all was well!  Thank you Jesus!    (Denise G)
How blessed we all were today. There were approximately 80 people who showed up at the clinic to honor the Black Madonna Icon. It was a beautiful sight to see so many witness for life. Fr. West travels from "Ocean to Ocean" with this Icon. He is a priest from Human Life International. We also were fortunate to have Fr. Gembala from St. Malachy and Deacon Gerald Smigel and his wife Virginia present. To see so many young people present made a statement that they are on fire for LIFE. We prayed the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, sang and Fr. West gave us a history of the Icon. The Sterling Heights police stopped in. They said they got one complaint from someone who said we were blocking the driveway(not true), but the police were awesome!!!!! They were very supportive and stated that  they have never had any problems from any one praying. A special thank you  to Denise Gabryel  who arranged this visit and for Karen who provided the outline for today's visit. I also would like to thank all of you whose presence made a difference for someone we may never know about. Several of us went to the clinic on 17 & Ryan. Fr. West was interrupted when doing the Rosary, again by someone complaining we were blocking the driveway(not  true again). Deacon Gerald led us on while Fr. West talked to the police. So many young people witnessing for life and a beautiful young mother expecting her seventh child with her children present. May all our prayers be answered. May the Black Madonna PRAY FOR US AND FOR THE END OF ABORTION!! (Mike)

Some Pics:

6:00 p.m. Prayer Vigil

Richard, Jill & Tom were ending their prayer vigil as I arrived. We shared holy water then Richard had to leave. Jill & Tom stayed for a few of my opening prayers then left to warm up from the chill. So great to see PW's there when I drive up for my 6pm prayer hour. I continued the rest of my opening prayers as I walked to & from the abortion mill. What a difference being alone from being with the 80+ PW's at 3pm today but no problem. For all involved in abortion in any way I said/sang the Holy Rosary reading a brief Sorrowful Mystery before each Hail Mary. Lots of chirping PW birds joined me~so cute!!! For the conversion of abortionists & the closing of WomanCare abortion mills, I sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  I must say, I'm dragging tonight so I will say good night,  God bless you all!  (Jenny)

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