Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SPRING 2014 40 DAYS FOR LIFE: Day 36 - April 9

6:00 p.m. Prayer Vigil

(As I was driving by the mill at 2:45 this afternoon saying a quick prayer in my car, there were 6 PW's there...yay!!!)   

 This evening as I arrived, George & Daniel were there...yay!!! After blessing ourselves with holy water, we took turns reading the opening prayers. Maribeth joined us...yay!!! We walked a bit this evening then stood on the grass area near the abortion mill.  Precious Daniel opened his jacket so I could see his shirt. His dad said it was his buddy Gil's shirt & Daniel smiled & said "Gil."  He sure is doing well. Makes the sign of the cross whenever we say, in the name of the Father... & gives hugs at the end of our prayer times together & high 5's. His mom & dad should be very proud of how great  he is doing. I'm sure they are.  A young man riding his bike by our prayer group said "AMEN" Lots of thumbs up, waves & smiles. As traffic stopped, a man looked at Maribeth's sign with the 3 babies on it "The Cost Of Abortion" & pointed to it & said "THAT'S RIGHT!!! THAT'S RIGHT!!!" It was as though it just hit him~~~ that babies are being killed in there. One negative  tonight~some young women yelled "go home" & gave thumbs down. What is wrong with them?!?!? How can they be ok with killing babies in the womb?!?!? I always say a prayer to Our Blessed Mother asking her to wrap her motherly arms around these hard-hearted people & ask her to pray with me for them to brought into her Son's light & truth. That's all we can do for some folks, just pray for them. Man, our PW birds were really singing along with us tonight, especially when we sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the conversion of abortionists & closing of abortion mills. We then closed our prayer time together with Pledge of Allegiance. Then good bye hugs & high 5's to Daniel, which made him smile...too precious!!!  (Jenny)

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