Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I faced WomanCare abortion mill, blest myself with holy water, sprinkled a bit on the ground & began the opening prayers. A woman stopped by to ask if we ever hear of women keeping their baby. This is always so nice, because it gives me a chance to tell folks of my personal experience with a young woman who decided to keep her baby & a postabortive woman who shared her story with me.

I was blessed by Knights of Columbus members joining the prayer vigil -- Dave, Dennis, Jim, Wally, James & Mark. For all involved in abortion in any way, we offered the Holy Rosary. Dave & Dennis read a Luminous Mystery meditation & closing prayer before each decade.  We all  took turns leading the prayers of the Rosary. 
Maribeth joined us a little after 6:00. She & I held our pro-life signs toward traffic. We had many positives, thumbs up, smiles, "Keep up the good work", happy honks."  Folks walking by, riding their bikes by said hello to us. For the couple of negatives, our prayers for their hardened hearts were offered up. 
We then sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy especially for the conversion of abortionists & the closing of these killing mills. Maribeth then said a beautiful closing prayer. I gave everyone The Prayer for the Helpless Unborn which we said together. We all faced our beautiful flag & closed our prayer time together with the Pledge of Allegiance.

It is so great that these men gave their time this evening to be there in peaceful prayer for the precious unborn. We must all try our best to get out there "to be the voice for these little ones." Thank you, gentlemen very much & I know that I will see you out there again when your schedules allow. (Jenny)

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