Monday, September 30, 2013

September 29, 2013 -- DAY FIVE - FALL 2013 40 DAYS FOR LIFE

3:00 p.m. Prayer Vigil

Indescribable peace and joy in prayer today with people of faith.  We prayed to Our Lady of Guadalupe and then the rosary. It took almost an hour.  We prayed the Glorious mysteries. Reflecting on the blessings Jesus made available at each one.  As we prayed each Hail Mary, we took turns offering an intercessory prayer.

There were twelve of us. Marcia, Richard, Kathy,  Mike, Regina, Mom from St. Thecla, Her son and two daughters, Hamtramak Father and daughter and myself.  The great Mom from St. Thecla was driving by and stopped.
Richard announced the Life Chain next week on Gratiot, so I announced the Life Chain on 15 Mile.
It didn't start raining until after 4:00.

God bless and heal our sinful world. Let us know the joy of your salvation!  (sue)

6:00 p.m. Prayer Vigil

Tonight I faced WomanCare abortion mill under my big umbrella, blest myself with holy water, sprinkled a bit out into the rain around me & began all my opening prayers for all involved in abortion in any way.  Not many folks walking or riding bikes as it was raining pretty hard.  A drive-by screamer yelled "yeah abortion."  Immediately, a Hail Mary was offered up for his misguided soul.  Then two young teenage boys walked by me & said "hi" with smiles, that was nice!!!  Even though I had my "Pray To End Abortion" sign leaning against my legs facing traffic, I'm sure they have seen us PW's out there & most likely knew why I was holding my little prayer booklet & rosary ~ I was praying for the unborn, their moms & dads. Always nice to see the young ones who "get it, get what abortion is all about."  Heard a few happy honks now & then the rest of my prayer time out there.

My next prayer was the Holy Rosary, reading a brief Luminous Mystery before each Hail Mary which I sang along with all the Our Fathers.  To close out my prayer hour, I prayed that all abortion doctors would leave the Culture of Death & come to God's life & start saving babies!!! I sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for this prayer intention.  The rain slowed down a bit at it was getting close to 7pm & stopped about five minutes before so I got out my 40 Days for Life booklet & said the Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionists & Their Staffs then said the Pledge of Allegiance as I faced our beautiful American flag on the other side of the street.

I must share two other blessings God sent down to me. Sunday when I was picking up the pizza for Tom & our grandson to enjoy during Sunday football, the young lady at Carlos asked me about 40 Days for Life as she saw the pin I had on so we talked a bit about it & I gave her a Baby Jesus prayer card to check out the website. When I got in my car, I prayed that she would be moved to become a PW with us. Then today at Meijer’s, I saw two Carmelite nuns so I gave them each a big hug to pass on to the other nuns with a big THANK YOU!!! for being HPW's for us on-site PW's.  They are always so joyful... that just made my day!!!  (Jenny)


September 28, 2013 -- DAY FOUR - FALL 2013 40 DAYS FOR LIFE

September 27, 2013 -- DAY THREE - FALL 2013 40 DAYS FOR LIFE

6:00 p.m. Prayer Vigil
Paul was praying when I arrived then Corinn (here from MA for her Godmother's funeral) joined us. She knew there must be a 40 Days for Life going on so checked the internet & found us~excellent!!! Norma joined us also so she led the Holy Rosary as Corinn read a brief Joyful Mystery meditation before each Hail Mary.  Paul left when his vigil was over at 6pm & Norma had to leave about 15 min later.  It is so good when you stop by to pray with other PW's, even if it is for a short time.  It's a blessing to everyone.  We heard a couple negative drive-by screamers but right after that 2 other PW's stopped by to say they could pray for a short time & they went into their own little group down a bit from our group. We heard happy honks & also we heard through a loud speaker a man saying "don't stop doing what you're doing"  ~ that's the first time I've heard thanks to us PW's over a loud speaker.  He was stopped in traffic because of the light.  We smiled & waved & said "don't worry; we will never stop praying for the unborn". He gave us the thumbs us as he drove away.

After Paul, Norma & the other group of PW's left, Corinn read all the opening prayers and then led the Chaplet of Divine Mercy reading Saint Faustina's meditations of The Passion. This is such a beautiful way to pray for the unborn. Then from the 40 Days for Life booklet, she led the Litany for Life & the Litany for Peace & for the close of our prayer vigil we sang a few songs then said the Pledge of Allegiance as we faced our flag. We then hugged good-bye & both promised to be praying for each other & all PW's during these 40 Days for Life. It was such a beautiful, warm evening to pray & so nice to meet a PW from another state! Just great that she found our group to pray with!   (Jenny)

Friday, September 27, 2013

September 26, 2013 -- DAY TWO - FALL 2013 40 DAYS FOR LIFE

Praise God!!! NO babies were killed tonight, they were closed!!!

Maribeth, Matthew & I blest ourselves with holy water & I sprinkled a bit on the ground around us then we faced WomanCare abortion mill holding our pro-life signs facing the mill as well as traffic.  Maribeth led the opening prayers then Matthew lead the Holy Rosary for all involved in abortion in any way with Maribeth reading a brief Glorious Mystery before each Hail Mary... how appropriate, as the mill was closed.  Matt gave a brief reflection of each Glorious Mystery before we began each decade: 1) The Resurrection of our Lord, 2) His Ascension into Heaven body & soul, 3) The Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, 4) The Assumption of our Blessed Mother into Heaven body & soul, 5)  The Coronation, our Lady is crowned Queen or Heaven & Earth by her Son & God the Father.  Matthew then led the Chaplet of Divine Mercy especially for the conversion of abortionists, especially the young African-American lady who is one of the abortionists at the WomanCare abortion mill now.

Only one negative, a drive-by screamer, "abortion, yeah".  We prayed for that misguided young man. He will feel so silly when it finally hits his heart & soul, however long that takes, at what he yelled out on this Thursday night, 9-26-2013 & hopefully he will humble himself and ask our Lord for His forgiveness.   

PW Barbara (from New Baltimore) joined us as we ended the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Maribeth had to leave for the Right to Life meeting & I had to get home & back to work.  Matthew & Barbara stayed a while to pray a little longer.  We heard happy honks throughout the prayer hour; and, two young teens rode their bikes by us & saw my sign "Pray to End Abortion" & one of them smiled at me & made the sign of the cross. Men & women drove by & nodded in approval with smiles toward us.  

It was a totally different evening with the abortion mill closed & we were very thankful for that, but we know that it will not always be that way & Matthew said a prayer asking our Lord to give us the strength these 40 days & onward to be out there no matter what.  (Jenny)

September 25, 2013 -- DAY ONE - FALL 2013 40 DAYS FOR LIFE

7:00 a.m. -- Opening Prayer Vigil
There were seven (a perfect number!) of us this morning to open our 11th 40 Days for Life campaign at the 15 Mile and Dodge Park clinic.  Thank You God for sending dedicated prayer warriors throughout our 40 day campaign.  May Your Holy Spirit protect us as we pray for a respect for life on this little area of sacred ground in Sterling Heights.  May all the 40 Days for Life campaigns throughout the world be filled with encouragement and strength as we follow the Truth of Christ in speaking out for the sanctity of life.  (Maribeth)

6:00 p.m. Prayer Vigil
Maribeth & I blest ourselves with holy water & I sprinkled a bit on the ground around us then we faced WomanCare abortion mill holding our pro-life signs facing the mill as well as traffic.  Our hearts were hurting so much because they were open & little precious babies most likely were killed during our prayer vigil for them. My eyes are filled with tears as I type this to you just as they were last night. With tears in her eyes, Maribeth led us in all the opening prayers as well as the Holy Rosary. As I opened up the meditation booklet, it was at the Sorrowful Mysteries, how appropriate!!! …so Maribeth read a brief Sorrowful Mystery meditation before each Hail Mary. 

We prayed for all inside that place of evil, that our peaceful prayer vigil would touch their hearts. A few folks were looking at us from their window up there & then somebody abruptly closed the blinds -- but as Maribeth said, our "prayerful seed" was planted in the heart & soul of every person who looked our way & our dear Lord will do the rest to heal their hurting with His tender, loving care.  As we continued our prayers, the blinds were opened again & a woman came out into the stairway area on her cell phone & was pacing back & forth & looking at us. As Maribeth said, we have no way of knowing exactly what is happening in there during our prayer time because nobody came over to talk to us so we will just continue to pray as always for all involved in abortion in any way.

About halfway through our prayer time, one of the “new” abortion providers (refuse to call them doctors!) came out and hopped into her little sports car.  She is a young, African-American who should know that she is assisting in wiping out her very own culture!!  

A man drove over, stopped to talk, and encouraged us never to stop praying out there & said God bless you. We thanked him, said God bless you for taking time out of your schedule to stop to talk with us & we told him we never would stop being PW's for the unborn, even as difficult as it is now with the mill being open at night. Also, a woman stopped by & made the sign of the cross while looking at the 3 baby faces on Maribeth's sign, "the cost of abortion." 

The men & women who came out of that place saw our signs as we prayed the Holy Rosary for them & we placed them all in the hands of our Lord. We both felt sick but offered up this ill feeling for the unborn babies killed at this clinic who in a second are with God in Heaven. It still makes me get tears in my eyes but they are with their Creator & hopefully somehow, some way He lets them hear our prayers & singing for them. We will know about this when we finally make it to Heaven ourselves.  

Happy honks & the two folks who stopped by to talk did help us keep a positive attitude. We both know that if we healthy folks don't stand out there in peaceful prayer, that is just what the abortion industry wants, to be able to do their evil work with nobody bringing any light to the evil happening in there, so we bring as much peace & light to that patch of sacred ground we pray on as we possibly can. 

A young lady came out of the clinic & got into her car & stopped next to us to make her turn & she had a rosary hanging from her rearview mirror.  I looked into her eyes as we said the Hail Mary's & she looked at me as well, just a blank look on her face. My heart hurt so much for her.  I felt so sad for her. I believe she works there. She will be seeing more of Maribeth & I as these nights go on when they are open & hopefully we will get the chance to gently speak with her & let her know that she is loved so very much by Jesus & He wants her to leave that evil place & become pro-life. Maribeth & I will just take it one night at a time & see what the Holy Spirit puts into our hearts to say to pro-abortion folks who stop next to us.  

We closed our prayer vigil with Maribeth reading the Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionists and their Staffs as we watched the young woman who we think is the abortionist drive around the back of the building to leave for the night.  We know she saw our signs & again we saw the blank look on her face. God, please help all these lost souls!!! We faced our beautiful American flag with tears still in our eyes thinking about what has happened to our nation since abortion was made legal ~ it's just soooooo sad!!! We said the Pledge of Allegiance & gave each other a big hug then left for home.  

We know that there will be many folks out there in peaceful prayer, especially after attending Fr. Joe's glorious Kick-Off Mass this past Tuesday evening. He is such a blessing to us all at St. Malachy Church, such a great pro-life shepherd & we are so thankful for him because we know that there a lot of Churches whose pastor does not even speak about the message of LIFE, so we always say the Prayer for our Pastor for Fr. Joe & all others who are speaking up for LIFE in hopes that more & more pastors will start to do so. Sorry I'm rambling, I'm not used to the mill being open at night, so it is going to take some getting used to, but I am a strong Prayer Warrior for the Helpless, Precious Unborn & I will be there like I always say until abortion ends in our world or until I am called Home to be with all my loved ones & especially get hugs from all the little unborn babies I have prayed for all these years.  

Remember, being out there to pray for this great cause ~ the protection of the unborn ~ the giving of yourself in this prayerful way will most definitely bring you many blessings from God, I can assure you of this!!! Christ is counting on us all to be His voice for the unborn!!!  (Jenny)

September 24, 2013 -- KICK-OFF MASS AT ST. MALACHY

Our Kick-Off Mass at St. Malachy’s was absolutely amazing…almost indescribable!  First, the pews were packed—AMEN!  Second, the Knights of Columbus were present in full uniform, which brought a deeper level of reverence to the evening.  Third, Father Joe Gembala was extraordinaire in representing Jesus Christ and His message of PROTECTING and CELEBRATING LIFE!  We are so blessed to have such an active pro-life parish in our campaign!!  

The list goes on for the “amazing and blessed moments”…the youth musicians, Justin-the gifted music leader, the passion-filled readers, the beautiful hands and feet of those who organized the event, and all those hearts in the pews who absorbed the encouraging scripture and homily who will take it to the streets!  Yes, this was a night that will stay in our hearts and, when we ponder the memories throughout the next 40 days, they will continue to give us HOPE!  (maribeth)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 19, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

I blest myself with holy water & sprinkled a bit on the ground around me then faced WomanCare abortion mill holding my sign toward traffic, one side says Pray To End Abortion, the other side says The Cost Of Abortion with those three darling baby faces smiling at all who pass by.  I thought of the babies who might be killed in the morning & prayed that their moms would decide not to go through with it. I also prayed for the folks at the Right to Life Dinner this evening, that they would be inspired to sign up for prayer time for the unborn during 40 Days for Life which starts next week.
I heard happy honks right away then a young woman yelled a negative.  Then a man who was stopped by the light said "God bless you, God bless you."  I turned & thanked him & said God bless you also.  The other two negatives were followed with positives as well & I heard happy honks all evening.
For all involved with abortion in any way, I said/sang the Holy Rosary reading a brief Luminous Mystery before each Hail Mary & as always the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the conversion of the abortion doctors. 
What a  beautiful Michigan evening it was out there tonight!!!  I picked up my carry out from the Chinese place & the pizza place & stopped by St. Malachy to drop off Baby Jesus prayer cards to the prayer group that was going on this evening.  They are praying for lots of folks to sign up for prayer time 7am to 7pm (9-25 to 11-3) during our Fall 40 Days for Life Prayer vigils. (Jenny)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 12, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

Last night I blest myself with holy water & sprinkled a bit on the ground around me then faced WomanCare abortion mill holding my sign toward traffic, switching from side to side. One side says Pray To End Abortion, the other side says The Cost Of Abortion with those three darling baby faces smiling at all who pass by. 
As I was praying the opening prayers, I heard a bunch of happy honks, turned around & a middle-aged man was stopped in traffic & rolled his window down & was waving & smiling & thanking me for being out there. I returned his "God bless you."  Thank you, Jesus for starting out my prayer vigil that way!!! Awesome!!!  As I was saying/singing the Holy Rosary reading a brief Joyful Mystery before each Hail Mary, another man stopped by & said from his truck in broken English, "abortion no more, abortion no more."  I said, Yes, that is what I am here praying for & pointed to the abortion mill.  He said,"Yes, I know, abortion no more. God bless you for praying out here." I thanked him & thought wow, God does bless us with folks stopping by to support our peaceful prayers for the unborn, their moms & dads.  What started out as a warm evening with a gentle breeze was starting to look bad.  The clouds were really dark now & the wind was picking up a bit but not too bad yet.  More happy honks as I continued my prayers then another blessing.  A young woman with her little boy in the back seat slowed down to read my sign & her son was smiling back at the three little ones on my sign. Just tooooooo cute!!!
A few minutes later it happened it started to rain really hard, a gust of wind caught my sign & bent it in two.  I ran over to my car & jumped in the front seat & put the 3 little ones faces looking out my front window & finished the Holy Rosary as well as singing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy especially for all abortion doctors as I always do. Man, the wind was trying to move my car... No way could I have stood out there with an umbrella (which was what I sorta was thinking about before I first got into the car cuz I like being outside to pray so folks can see that the abortion mill is not closed yet) Even though the negatives are a special blessing to us cuz we can then pray for their hardened hearts, it is really nice to hear positives all night like I did this evening. Again, I thank you Jesus for that. Always great to take a break from work to be out there doing what Our Lord is asking of us.

To all who will be at the Right to Life Dinner next Thursday night, please know that you will be with me "in spirit" during my prayer vigil at the abortion mill but I will cannot attend the dinner & will miss you all. A while back, I said some daily prayers for a little extra work & He most certainly has blest me with it & since it won't last forever I am extremely thankful, especially with so many folks out of work.  (Jenny)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

Because LIFE happens (and that is a blessing!!!), we are not able to be at the clinic tonight. Our prayers are still said, just at different places.

As our next 40 Days for LIFE campaign is just around the is a good time to re-commit our purpose to defending LIFE.

Blessings to all!!

-- maribeth



August 29, 2013 - Thursday Vigil

Tonight Gordon (Cursillo Editor) stopped by to lead a pray for our group of PW's, Matthew, Maribeth & myself. It is always so great when folks bless us by stopping by!!!. For the negative drive-by screamers ~"abortion is good" ~ "abortion rules" ~ we said a prayer for the conversion to God's light & truth for those misguided young men & as they got stopped by the light a bit down from us I was able to hold my Holy Rosary & peace sign so they know that they are being prayed for & some day the Holy Spirit will hit them ~BAM ~ & they'll know that they were wrong to think that killing little babies in the womb was ok.

The positives were continual throughout the entire prayer vigil as always, thumbs up, smiles, waves & another great blessing~ a man & his teenage son stopped by to ask "where is it?" Maribeth pointed to WomanCare. Like most who stop to talk with us, he also was disgusted with name WomanCare & said "they kill little human beings there!!!" We thanked him for taking the time to stop by & said God bless you & he answered the same to us & thanked us for being out there. Our promise to all is that we will be out in front of these abortion mills until the end of this horrid evil in our world or until God calls us Home.

We begin each prayer vigil with holy water to bless ourselves & the sacred ground we walk on in peaceful prayer for all involved in abortion in any way. Matthew led the Holy Rosary with Maribeth reading a brief Glorious Mystery meditation before each Hail Mary. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy was said especially for the conversion of the abortion doctors. Our vigil ended by looking at our beautiful flag & saying the Pledge of Allegiance (with a glorious and hearty AMEN at the end!).

It may look bad out there in this world of ours but we must remember that we WIN at the end of time & we will all stand before our dear Lord & Saviour & see in His beautiful eyes as He looks at us with such a great love for us knowing how we did our best to try to save His little unborn ones & then He will give us a BIG HUG & say "well done, my good & faithful Prayer Warrior, enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." Man, I'm getting tears in my eyes, cause that is going to be such a great day for each one of us!!! God bless you all.  (Jenny)