Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 39 - March 31, 2012

Bethlehem Temple of Apostolic Faith chose today for their Adopt-A-Day to Pray 7a.m. to 7p.m!!! God will truly bless each one of those Prayer Warriors.  When Maribeth, Christine & I arrived for our 6pm prayer hour, we joined Pastor Bradley, Carol, Dorothy, Cynthia, Shirley, Brenda & two darling little girls, Kejanae & Chantaniek. We gathered in a circle, held hands & Pastor Bradley said an opening prayer to begin the 6pm prayer hour.

Some prayer warriors stayed on the grass & others walked back & forth along the sidewalk.  Most of us held pro-life signs.  Christine led the rosary for Maribeth & I with a brief Joyful Mystery meditation before each Hail Mary.  As we passed the other prayer warriors, they were praying for the end of abortion as well.  Christine then led us in the Stations of the Cross. Then just before 7pm we again gathered in a circle & Pastor Bradley said our closing prayer.  They had done it!!! 12 hours of prayer for the unborn!!!WOW!!! We gave goodbye hugs & I thanked those two little girls for being their to pray for the babies & mommies & daddies.  We got lots of happpy honks & thumbs up & two middle-aged couples walked by & smiled & said thank you, God bless you & one lady said, "this is so good, what you are doing!!!"  We thanked them & said "God bless you also."

A young woman drove by & yelled "I love abortion."  We said a prayer for healing of her hardened heart, knowing that one day she will regret those horrible words she yelled.  (Jenny)

Friday, March 30, 2012

DAY 38 - March 30, 2012

St. Augustine's Adopt-a-Day to pray was from 5-7pm today.  (We closed out Nick's and Frank's 5 p.m. hour with a short prayer.) During the 6pm prayer hour, Jill, Charlene, Richard, Donna & Linda said the rosary several times meditating on different Mysteries.  I shared holy water with everyone (even though God shared His Holy Rain water from above with all of us!!) -- then Maribeth and I walked behind the group--covering the whole sidewalk in front of WomanCare abortion mill while joining in the groups' rosary.   Maribeth and I then faced the abortion mill & prayed the Stations of the Cross with my booklet from Resurrection Cemetery with pictures of the life-sized statues of Our Lord's walk to His cross.  They are so beautiful.  Each one has a prayer to go along with it and we sang a meditation after each station ~ Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom, O Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom. We then said prayers of healing for all prayer warriors who are going through various medical procedures.  Happy honks throughout the hour.  A man walked by & said "good evening, how ya doing?"  We answered back "fine, thank you."  It is always so pleasant when the public shows encouragement and kindness.  (Jenny

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 37 - March 29, 2012

Did you know that 576 babies have been saved this campaign?  Thank You Jesus!!

Jenny, Regina, Christine, Nancy, and myself gathered with Nick, Frank, and Carolyn to close out the 5:00 p.m. prayer hour with the prayer for the helpless unborn.  As always, whenever we say that prayer, one can only think of those little babies who have been placed inside the supposedly safe walls of the womb -- who know their mom's heartbeat and breathing pattern, who know the intimate touch of God, and, who are completely at the mercy of everyone.  We have failed them.  We have let women believe the lie that pregnancy is "a problem."  Shame on us.  Pregnancy is a gift. With 70% of America claiming to be Christian, we know our Almighty God is in control of everything; we KNOW in our heart of hearts, that He has each pregnancy under control--no matter how it happened. So, again, we have failed those little helpless ones to whom God has given the gift of life.  I pray that we band together and make a those precious little ones are protected and the moms are not afraid to welcome this gift of life.  (sorry for the bunny trail....)

We prayed the Rosary and the Chaplet while walking up and down the sidewalk-- focusing our intentions on changing the hearts of abortionists.  We received many encouraging honks and waves -- for those we are most appreciative.  It was another cold evening, but when we are focused on our praying, the time goes by so quickly.  To close out our hour we sang How Great Thou Art (and God certainly is!!!).  We were joined by a little bird high atop the wire above us, just chirp-chirping away!  That made all of our hearts smile!  We ended with prayer and lifted up our fellow prayer warriors who are going through the valley.  Thank you God for the privilege of being able to take the stand for life with so many wonderful people in our 40 Days for Life family!  (Maribeth)


Day 36 - March 28, 2012

OK everybody, sing along with me... O come Holy Spirit, fill our  hearts... I'll tell ya, the Holy Spirit was most definitely with us this evening... several times the wind was so strong it almost knocked us over!!! My Pray to End Abortion sign flew away & hit Maribeth in the head...(I'm sorry Maribeth... hope your head is feeling okay!!!) After reading our opening prayers together, Regina, Jerry, Norma, Linda, Maribeth & myself walked back & forth from WomanCare abortion mill taking turns leading the rosary with a brief meditation from the Glorious Mysteries.  (Lots of folks from St. Martin de Porres Church had been there in prayer from noon until 7pm... excellent!!!)  Happy honks throughout the day of folks showing their approval.  I always say a little prayer that those who are happy honking & especially those with a cross hanging from their mirrors would stop by & pray with us a little... that would be so great.  We had a bit of time left after the rosary, so we read the thanksgiving Gift Of My Life Prayer & Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionists and their Staffs & looked across the street at the big, beautiful American Flag & sang America & ended with How Great Thou Art.   (Jenny)




How exciting...OCTOBERBABY was the #8 movie in America over the past weekend.  So wonderful that so many pro-lifers went to see that wonderfully PRO-LIFE movie!!

Day 35 - March 27, 2012

Nick, Frank, Fran, Richard and Eleanor & Ed in their car were ending their 5pm prayer vigil as I arrived. We closed their prayer vigil & opened my 6pm prayer vigil with holy water & the Prayer for the Helpless Unborn & as always, remembered our fellow prayer warriors, family & friends who are in need of our prayers for health reasons.  We said our good byes & I started my hour walk, holding my Pray to End Abortion sign as I began my rosary meditating on a brief Sorrowful Mystery before each Hail Mary.  Nick's buddy Callum showed up & they talked for a while. I gave Callum one of our End Celebrations Flyers for April 12. Nick said he would be back to pray next Thursday, that will be Holy Thursday...excellent!!!

It was a very calm hour with a few happy honks & folks passed by with a very peaceful look on their faces. I'm guessing it is very comforting to most that we are peacefully praying to God asking Him to end this evil in our neighborhood.  My rosary was offered up for all involved in abortion in any way. Then for the abortionists all over this world, that they might hear the cries of the helpless unborn in their dreams & leave the culture of death & know God's truth & light & become pro-life doctors is what I offered up the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in song. (Jenny)

Day 34 - March 26, 2012

Nick, Christine & I said The Prayer for the Helpless Unborn together to close out Nick's 5pm & begin our 6pm prayer hour.  A lady stopped by who makes rosaries & gave him a bag of shiny Easter-colored rosaries which is really cool, cuz folks stop by & ask me for a rosary now & then & I have "a kabillion" little booklets "How To Say The Rosary" that Aunt Stella had at her place, so Nick gave me the bag & I will let a few hang from my wrist to shine in the sunlight when I am praying at WomanCare abortion mill from now on & will pass them out to folks who ask...excellent! ! ! I know Our Lady is laughing & saying, "that's my Jenny"... ha, ha, ha :o)  Being 1st born of 5, I tend to be a little pushy... you can ask any of my siblings... ha, ha, ha :o) but seriously, folks do ask me if I have any extra rosaries when they see my praying my rosary, so now I will be able to give them one of these beautiful, shiny rosaries AND Nick said the lady will make more if we want & he is going to ask her to many shiny red, white & blue ones... folks love those... so how about that?!?!? excellent!!!

Maribeth joined Christine & I.  We held pro-life signs as Christine led us in the various prayers for the unborn, their moms & dads & all involved in abortion in any way.  Then Maribeth left to attend the Mass for Life at St. Edmund's (actually this is the church where my brother got married... many moons ago) but I could not attend, still had work to finish & email into the office.  (The Mass was beautiful -- sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, Helpers of God's Precious Infants, and 40 Days for Life.  Attendance is growing for this wonderful gathering of pro-life prayer warriors.  -- Maribeth)

When Christine & I were almost finished, Cary stopped by.  He is from Faith Lutheran Church & wanted some info & we introduced ourselves & told him 40 Days for Life Prayer Warriors are trying to cover 7am to 7pm in peaceful prayer for the end of abortion & I gave him a pro-life sign a half doz flyers with all the End Celebration info listed for TH/4-12 & that Fr. Joe, Pastor of St. Malachy is celebrating 25 years as a priest & he decided to pray for the unborn Mon thru Sat's during 40 Days for Life instead of having a big party.  Cary was really happy to receive all this info.  Then I asked him if he would say a closing prayer for our 6pm prayer hour which he did & it was absolutely beautiful.  As we drove for home, he was walking along the side walk holding his Pray to End Abortion sign & reading his prayer book... another Prayer Warrior for our precious unborn & it is so great that more & more men are joining us gals out there!!!  (Jenny)

(I gotta work on those self-taking snapshots!)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 33 - March 25, 2012

Again, there was lots of activity today at the clinic!  Thank You Jesus! Like I always say, whenever we have crowds coming out to pray, we are noticed and passersby have to make that decision of agree or disagree.  Even if they don't respond ... in their hearts they are thinking of what abortion means to them and it might even start a conversation in their vehicle.  Thank you Father Phil from St. Lawrence for leading us in prayer! And, thank you St. Lawrence and St. Sharbel for speaking up for the unborn!  (pictures below)

Jenny, Paul, Carmen, Susan, Elfriede, Daryl, Kathy, and I....along with a sweet young couple and little toddler from St. Florian -- began our 6:00 p.m. vigil with the song "Lead Me, Guide Me."  Throughout this campaign that has been our prayer:  that the Holy Spirit guides our footsteps, our words, and our actions as we take the stand for life and be a public witness to this gift from God.  We had many positive words/actions tonight from the public.  After our prayer hour, a sweet elderly lady drove up to thank us for "doing what we do."  She was all smiles.  Both Jenny and I immediately thought of our grandmas!!!  (That was a double blessing for both of us because we just adored (and miss) our precisous grandmas.)  (Maribeth)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 32 - March 24, 2012

It was a very busy day at the clinic -- a lot of people to stand for LIFE!  Throughout the day there were four Churches out for Adopt A Day:  Warren Woods Church of the Nazarene, St. Martin de Porres, St. Lawrence, and St. Ephrem's.

Folks from St. Lawrence & Warren Woods Church of the Nazarene (Deb & her dad; Karen from Holly) were some who were at the 6pm prayer hour tonight.  Maribeth, Christine, Louise & myself were at the 6pm prayer vigil. Louise prayed by herself facing the abortion mill...she had been there since 5:30 & would pray to 6:30 & then was going to see October Baby at 7pm... so excellent !!!  Everyone who sees this beautiful pro-life film is absolutely in love with it.  ONE MORE DAY IN THIS AREA TO SEE IT - TOMORROW / SUN / MAR 25 / AT MANY PLACES STARTING AT 10:30 A.M. & GOING THRU TO 9:30 P.M.  I pray that lots more folks will attend.

We blessed ourselves with holy water, read the opening prayers then walked along the side walk. Christine led us in prayer with a brief Joyful  Mystery before each Hail Mary. Maribeth & I held our Pray To End Abortion signs facing traffic each way.   Lots of positives -- and for the few negatives we said this prayer:
Gracious God, loving our enemies seems like one of the most difficult things You could ask of us. Please remind us that this is how You love and if You ask it of us, You will give us the grace to do it. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.
A young man drove up to us and said "I just want to thank you for being out here to pray for life."  Immediately we thanked him for his encouragement and asked God to bless him abundantly.  God is so good to us!!

Soooo many more folks are waking up to what WomanCare is all about ~ the savage killing innocent babies in the womb & they are showing up to join us in peaceful prayer.   (Jenny and Maribeth)

WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! (March 19, 2012)

An email from Mary Sue K on March 19, 2012:

Someone stopped by the clinic today when I was praying with a message for you!
I was about half-way through my hour of prayer, and though the day was absolutely beautiful, and warm, I was feeling the solitariness of it all and fending off the temptations of "is this really necessary?   -- you could say prayers at home...."  But, then again,'s all for Jesus, and in reparation for all the bloodshed; always MANY things to pray for.

Then a small black car pulled up and parked and a young African-American woman got out and came towards me.  She asked if I knew "Sue"?  She said that 3 years ago, she had met you out in front of the clinic and shared her story of being pregnant, ready to be evicted, and not knowing what to do.  
She said  "but I had my son...come see, he's in the car...his name is Jaden" .  I met her beautiful, boisterous, all-boy 3-yr-old!  Her name is Nia, and she said you led her to Darlene who helped her out; and, I think took her in and was with her for Jaden's birth.  Nia said she's doing well now, has her own place; Jaden's dad is active in his son's life and she still stays in close touch with Darlene.
She just wanted to tell you and all of us how important our work and prayers are and thank you!   I thanked HER for stopping!   
Praise the Lord!  He always knows when I'm getting a bit discouraged!  I always read the stories on the national 40 Days site and Jenny & Maribeth's stories and think WOW!   Well, today I had my WOW moment! So thanks for YOUR love and concern towards Nia three years ago!  She now has her beautiful son, and she said he is such a joy for everyone in her family and is so very loved !   (Mary R)


What a blessing to know that simple efforts of kindness and concern from our Spring 2009 campaign are still being felt in our community!!!  See, my fellow prayer warriors, WE DO MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!  I anticipate what God will do with all of our current encounters.... (Maribeth)

Day 31 - March 23, 2012

We closed the 5pm prayer hour with Chere, Christine, Gino, Nick, Tony & the cute little boy Liam, and opened the 6pm prayer hour with Rick, Fran, Maribeth and Jenny. 

We had wonderful encouragement tonight at the clinic!  Thank You Jesus!! So many "powerful" thumbs up and smiles.  Even though the weather was a bit chilly, many people were still out and about -- and smiling at us.  We were very thankful that the rain held out during our prayer time.

Joe D. (Snicker's dad) stopped by near the end of our hour to pray...we ended with singing How Great Thou Art -- and, yes, God is truly great and gracious to all of us!!

After our hour was finished, Jenny, Susan, and myself continued our fellowship and friendship with a simple meal and the most moving pro-life movie:  OCTOBERBABY!  This was definitely a blessed evening.

Also, today many of our prayer warriors were downtown at the McNamara Federal Building  -- praying against the HHS Mandate and taking the stand for the assault on Religious freedoms.  Thank you for the giving of your time!  (Thanks Nick for the minute-by-minute update!!!)   (Maribeth and Jenny)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 30 - March 22, 2012

Tonight had to be another one of those "God-orchestrated" nights at the clinic.  First, Christine, Norma, Regina, Jenny, Linda, Susan, and I, joined Nick and Frank as they were closing out their 5:00 p.m. prayer hour.  (How wonderful to share in an open/close shift prayer!)  Then the seven of us girls (love it when we have that perfect number of God) proceeded to lift up our prayer intentions for a respect for life and for people to come and take the stand in love and prayer, along with lifting up the abortionists and their staffs, and all those who don't see a problem with abortion.  We stayed on the grassy part in front of the clinic with Susan, our sweet sister in Christ, who is undergoing some intense health issues and was a bit too exhausted to do the usual walking (let us keep Susan in our prayers for God's healing touch and strength -- how amazing she is -- especially putting those sweet unborn babies before her circumstance -- we love you Susan!!!)

We had a lot of thumbs up and good fist shakin's and smiles!  We smiled at the car with the peeking little child in the backseat --she had the window shade pulled up in the back seat of the car where she was sitting and was smiling and waving to us soooo sweetly... such a darling little girl.  Then, three little ones in the back seat of another car sat up and were stretching to see us better and were smiling and waving as their mom waited to turn when traffic cleared... such a blessing for us pro-life gals to see these innocent little ones so happy.

Then Kyle stopped by.  Kyle is 17 and his opening words to us were "excuse me, I just want to let you know that I really am on your side, but will be going into the clinic to get some free condoms."  Yes, we were just a little taken aback for a second...not expecting that at all.  We informed him that 1) the clinic is closed, 2) that clinic wouldn't be passing out condoms because they kill babies and that would hurt their business, and 3) he should not be needing those items -- abstinence is the best way to go!!  We had a discussion on chastity and how it doesn't matter what he had done...what counts is what he does next and that God will bless efforts of living a chaste life.  We shared our faith, focusing on Christ and His Cross.  He seemed to be a smart kid -- knowing more about the bible at 17 than I did (but spiritual immaturity, along with the physical, was apparent--and we all have been there!).  I think he wanted to cause us embarrassment by wanting to share details of his views on why he needed "those items."  We cut him off and told him we were thankful that he stopped by and that we will pray for him.  At that point, he said, "excuse me, again, but I think when Christians say 'I'll pray for you,' that is like giving someone the Christian version of a middle finger."  Wow...we never heard that before and we proceeded to explain that we would truly pray for God's blessing on him and ask that he would be filled with the Holy Spirit to make wise choices that please our Lord.  He seemed a bit befuddled at our loving truth...expecting us to judge him.  Again, we told him we never judge those who come by, nor the women/men who enter those clinic doors.  We know they are hurting...and are confused.  And, some of our prayer warriors have been in their shoes, but now have found healing for their hurt.  Kyle went back to his car and we continued with our praying.  We said about five prayers and then Ryan stopped by.

Ryan was about 19 or 20 and his main concern was for those women who have experienced the horrible violation of rape.  He is one of those who are against abortion, except....   We gave him the truth -- that about .04% of abortions are because of rape; that most rape victims who find themselves pregnant, find healing in carrying and delivering the baby--it brings a good from a total evil action; and, so many people are long to adopt babies and, again, this brings a good out of an evil.  Ryan listened to our sharing of how child abuse has risen over 1100% since Roe vs. Wade became law of the land and because of that, many have totally lost the respect for life from conception to natural death. Ryan was all ears...and for each of his "what ifs" we had a truthful answer rooted in Christ.

It really was a blessing from God for all of us to be used as servants and plant many seeds of God's truth and light into the souls of these two young men who love Jesus but were confused on some issues.  Kyle had to leave but Ryan stayed with us as we closed out our hour--praying for them, our prayer warriors, the unborn babies and their moms who are scheduled for an appointment at all abortion clinics tomorrow, and for the change in heart for the doctors. 

This is one of the beautiful blessings we receive by being out there, even when the abortion mill is closed.  We get to talk to some very nice people like Kyle & Ryan. May God help them to continue to draw more close to Him and stay pro-life! Amen!   (Maribeth and Jenny)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 29 - March 21, 2012

Frank, Gino, Nick & Matt joined together in prayer for the 5pm vigil. Gino stayed with Maribeth & I for part of the 6 pm vigil.  He led the Prayer for the Helpless Unborn (our opening prayer), St. Michael the Archangel prayer (for prayer warriors all over the world on-site as well as HPW's/Home Prayer Warriors), the Dearest Mother Mary prayer & Blessed JPII's pro-life prayer for all involved in abortion in any way. For all our religious leaders who join us in prayer at these abortion mills, he read the "For our Pastors" prayer.  Gino read some reflections on the characteristics that us prayer warriors need to focus upon:  God's Will, Perseverance, Love, Determination. Then we sang "How Great Thou Art", "Here I am, Lord", "Have You Seen Jesus My Lord."  We got lots of thumbs up, smiles, happy honks of approval, & a few looks like "what the heck are they doing out there?!?!?" ... our signs answered their questioning faces:  Pray to End Abortion. For the few negatives, as always, we said a prayer of healing.

Maribeth & I continued walking along the sidewalk to & from WomanCare abortion mill as we said the Rosary with a brief Glorious Mystery before each Hail Mary. Maribeth said our closing, thanksgiving prayer.

Every once in a while, when we are feeling a little down, all we  have to do is read Shawn's daily update to realize that our prayers are!!! being answered by God, in His perfect way!!!  Amen!!!  (Jenny)

It's a Christian Fish Tree!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 28 - March 20, 2012

I forgot to add this in last night's entry: (thank you Jenny for the reminder!)
  • We were also blessed by a little girl in the last seat of a school bus that drove by. She was on her cell phone, but read our Pray to End Abortion signs & yelled "AMEN" while giving us a thumbs up with her cute smile. Jenny saw the bus a few blocks away and was wondering if we were going to be yelled at with negatives or positives... and God blessed us with that darling little girl.

Tonight's recap...thank you Jenny!   AND NOTE, WHEN THERE IS A CROWD, WE ARE NOTICED!!

As Nick, Gino & Frank ended their 5 pm prayer vigil, another group of us started our 6 pm prayer hour. The folks from Sts. Cyril & Methodius joined Deacon Jerry praying the rosary. Eleanor & her husband prayed from their car.  Trish, Mary, Marge, Joyce, Joe, & Mary B prayed the rosary led by Deacon Jerry & others in a circle down a little bit from the abortion mill.  Andrew walked back & forth from them toward the traffic light along the grass & I walked back & forth from them toward the abortion mill along the grass.  Most of us held pro-life signs.  We had so many positives this evening, thumbs up, smiles, waves, folks clapping toward us, happy honks of approval, children waving from their seats in the back of the car, and folks walking their dogs gave us smiles as well.  The few "not-so-nice" gestures were not even bothersome... I just faced them & held up my rosary & my "Pray To End Abortion" sign toward those few and said a prayer for healing of their hardened hearts.  God can break through to these poor souls with His truth & light if we beg Him in prayer to do so.

Deacon Jerry offered up our intentions for each decade of the rosary which we followed by singing a brief meditation from the Stations of the Cross.  The most precious thing this evening was all the beautiful smiles from the babies, little children, teens & young adults. They are our future & they are pro-life!!!  

Deacon Jerry said that throughout their Adopt-A-Day-To-Pray today, they had over 100 prayer warriors in peaceful prayer at WomanCare abortion mill praying that this evil will end.  What a beautiful day & what a beautiful crowd of prayer warriors for our precious, little, unborn brothers & sisters.  I saw many folks stopped in their cars by the traffic light pointing toward WomanCare & talking to the other person.  We are bringing this horrible place into the light & folks are realizing just exactly what is going on there, in their very own neighborhood and they are happy we are there in prayer.  JESUS, PROTECT & SAVE THE UNBORN & HEAL OUR SINFUL WORLD. AMEN!!!  (Jenny)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 27 - March 19, 2012

Jenny and Christine closed out  Nick's prayer hour and began the 6:00 p.m. hour -- I joined them in progress.  We walked up and down the sidewalk, praying the Rosary and Chaplet; asking for God's healing on our nation and world and lifting up all those who believe in the culture of death.  Eleanor and her husband were praying along with us from their car.  It is nice that so many prayer warriors stop by to say prayers for LIFE.  There were lots of people out and about.  We noticed that those who are "with" us, have no fear of walking on the sidewalk right by us as we are praying.  Now, those who "oppose" us, they go out of their way to avoid making eye contact or sharing the same cement blocks that we walk upon.  It reminds me of scripture...2 Corinthians 2:15-16 "For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one we are an aroma that brings death; to the other, an aroma that brings life."   We were greeted with an enthusiastic wave from a little boy who was riding high atop his daddy's shoulders (and, yes, they walked right next to us!).  What a joy it was to see his smiling face and innocent little smile.  His dad was all smiles, too.   We were also blessed by a little girl in the last seat of a school bus that drove by.  She was on her cell phone, but read our Pray to End Abortion signs & yelled "AMEN" while giving us a thumbs up with her cute smile.  Jenny saw the bus a few blocks away and was wondering if we were going to be yelled at with negatives or positives... and God blessed us with that darling little girl.   Thank You Jesus for giving us the encouragement we need to keep on keeping on!  What a joy it is to meet each day for prayer with my sisters in Christ.  There are so many blessings that come from the 40 Days for Life campaign!  And, the Cross in the Sky was such a gift!!  (Maribeth)


Day 26 - March 18, 2012

Eight of us gathered for our 6:00 p.m. prayer vigil tonight -- Kathy, Nick, Carmen, Susan, Paul, Ann, Jenny, and I.  Again, the weather was wonderful and we were thankful.  A young man, who admitted to having a drinking problem, stopped by to share his approval and said he wanted to come and join us in prayer.  We do hope that one day he comes back our way and stays for a bit.  We lifted up in prayer all the abortionists and their staffs, those friends that think they are doing a good deed in bringing someone to an abortion clinic, our apathetic brothers and sisters in Christ, and all prayer warriors at all the sites and those who are home bound.  We began with the song On Eagle's Wings...and the verse "He will hold you in the palm of His Hands," brought tears to my eyes as I reflected on the picture that I received from prayer warriors holding a little 10-week old baby-in-the-womb model in their hands (picture on the Tidbits and Picture post).  To think that God has all of every stage of our life...right there, smack dab in the middle of His tender palm.  Thank You God for Your protection!  We continued with our prayers for the unborn, our pro-life Beatitude Blessed are They Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness,  and words of wisdom that  Mother Teresa endorsed.  Our reflection was on the Nativity, reminding us that God is with us in all our trials, tribulations, joys, and dreams!  (And we were given that example in last night's gift of Emmanuel and Amar.)  We lifted up our prayer intentions for life, family, parents, governments, our President, our upcoming Election, and our Clergy. We ended our vigil gathering praying for the conversion of abortionists and asking God to send His angels to protect this ground where we pray.  As we were gathering for our group picture, we noticed a feather on the ground...hmmmm, I guess God did send His angels -- Thank You God!  (Maribeth)

Kathy, Susan, Ann, Maureen, Jenny, and I finished out the hour of prayer with the Rosary while walking in a single file on the sidewalk, so as not to block any of the people who went by us.  We had mostly thumbs up (and one man in his truck was very passionate with giving us his approval!).  Our hour was almost over when we were approached by a very, very, very (yes, three very's) angry and frustrated man!  He was walking from the pizza place, carrying two pizzas, two bottles of pop, and two bags stuffed with carryout containers.  Before he opened his mouth, several prayer warriors thought this was going to be a "good" encounter; ending in the sharing pizza!  Boy, was that a wrong assumption!!  Satan must have been mighty perturbed over last night's wonderful blessing from God because this man was just filled with evil anger. His first words were:  "Can I be totally blunt with all of you?"  After our agreeing to his requeset, this man's floodgates opened and we were inundated with accusations of being a hypocrite for not adopting black crack babies (I have no idea where this thought process came from!).  We tried to explain that we were out there to help women make a better choice and to be a public witness for life.  He would not hear the truth.  His words grew louder as we remained quiet, but offering loving reasons for our presence.  After five minutes he gathered his stuff and told us we were all going to hell because of our wasted effort and our hypocrisy.  When we told him about Jesus, he rebutted that Jesus was only a prophet.  As he haphazardly crossed 15 Mile Road, he glared at us and gave us his final two-word blessing.  We prayed earnestly for God to change his heart.  With anger like that, we can only assume that he has been hurt by abortion or is carrying around some heavy-duty guilt.  Whateve the case, we know that God knows the reason for his anger and we ask that he finds peace and healing.  (Maribeth)

Angel feather?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 25 - March 17, 2012

(Amazing Blessing tonight!)

Jenny, Christine, Nick (who was just finishing his 5P hour--but stayed with us, too!), and myself began our 6P hour with our usual prayers and supplications. We were also joined by Eleanor and her husband--praying in their car.  Nick was sharing his experience of a very disrespectful conversation with a young man--who began with saying he didn't see abortion as a problem and ended with believing the elderly don't really serve a purpose. That is so disheartening to hear - don't these people realize that, they, too, will one day be approaching senior level (God-willing!). We asked God to enlighten parents to teach their children respect for LIFE and their fellow brothers as they embark on the journey God prepared for them.

As we prayed the Rosary, it seemed that we received more negatives than usual this night-- don't know if the warmer weather or green beer had anything to do with that or not!  One man yelled the four-letter bomb at us while his precious young child was in the backseat -- straining his neck to see what his daddy was yelling at.  Our hearts were filled with pain at that sight!  Again, we lifted up parents who just "don't get it." Several large groups of young kids passed us by...smirking or acting snooty.  Again, we were feeling discouraged. Then it happened...

Two little boys (about 10 or 11) were walking back from 7-11 and the Drug Store.  They had their earphones in and they were swinging their bags of goodies -- enjoying each other with laughter and conversation.  As they approached us, they saw our signs and heard our prayers.  They stopped a few feet away and started going through their bags, shoes, and pockets.  It looked like they were trying find something of importance.  A few minutes later they walked up, and with their ever-polite voice, said "excuse me."  We stopped our praying to give our attention to these two precious children (thinking they were going to ask what abortion was and what we were doing).  One of the boys held out his little clenched hand and said "we want to donate this to your group."  Into my hands he dropped $1.24.  Our hearts melted.  We told them that this was one of the most generous donations we ever received and that this money will definitely go toward helping women and their babies.  (This was definitely a reminder of the Widow's Mite parable from Luke 21:1-4.)  Their full-faced smiles spoke volumes to all of us!  (We now know what they were so frantically searching for!)  Jenny and Nick gave them little Baby Jesus prayer cards...and they eagerly accepted them.  We prayed a blessing over them as they walked away...and continued praying for them -- asking God to keep them safe and protect their innocence; for we just know that He has great plans for their little hearts! We also lifted up their parents -- for teaching them the value of LIFE and showing them how to be respectful!

I felt bad that I didn't ask their first names...telling God that I was too caught up in the moment to make it personal.  God heard that thought!  From the corner of my eye, I could see the two boys making their way back to us...with a quicker pace.  The other little boy anxiously held out his hand with a dollar bill -- proudly stating that he wanted to offer this to the women and babies, too.  Okay, so this is when the tears were welling up and the goosebumps appeared.  This was truly a precious moment.  After we thanked them and blessed them again, I asked their names.  Their big brown eyes opened wide and they said:  Emmanuel and Amar.  All we could think of was WOW..HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD.   We were so discouraged and disheartened being in the middle of all the negativism tonight....and what did God provide us?  Himself -- Emmanuel "God is With Us"....and Amar, it has several meanings:  "forever," "virtuous, pious," and "long life."  

Yes...this was truly an amazing blessing on that sidewalk of broken hearts that grieve for all those who just don't get it.  $2.24 will be given in honor of Emmanuel and Amar to Compassion Pregnancy Center  (who have told us they minister to many women who once had appointments at this clinic). 

We finished our prayer hour with joy overflowing from our hearts and, of course, our closing song was Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel. (Maribeth)

The "self takes" -- First try....
Second try...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 24 - March 16, 2012

AM:  Friday morning at the was busy as usually. It was dark with an overcast sky-- like on Good Friday-- but without rain. And to me, when it rains, it is like the the Father crying over His lost children.  There was only one pigeon on the sign reminding me of the Holy Father looking for His prodigal son...the Father waiting for him to return home....and He is always looking toward the clinic. (Daryl)


PM:  The sun was shining as Jenny and I closed out Nick's prayer hour and began our 6:00 p.m. prayer hour...even though Mother Nature reminded us with her "chill" that it is still technically Winter. We said our usual prayers and asked for blessings upon those women who don't realize what a gift God has given them in their unborn child.  We prayed that the abortionists and all those apathetic people would come to realization that aborting babies is NOT a normal way of life.  Our society has definitely discarded life from conception to old age -- we definitely are missing out on the blessings that God has in store for us; from a baby's little coo to an elderly man's tales of old.  God forgive us and give us the strength and perseverance to continue to fight this battle in Your Name and and in LOVE! (Maribeth)

Maribeth & I totally enjoyed the beautiful weather tonight but after about 1/2 hr, it began to get a teensy bit chilly so she put on a jacket & I put on my coat.  Lots of positives while we walked up & down the sidewalk praying the rosary.  Most folks were very friendly who passed by... a few with grouchy looks on their faces.  They just don't want us to be out there but we know that is exactly!!! what Satan wants... to keep this evil killing of the unborn babies nice & quiet in our beautiful  neighborhoods all over this country... Well, we prayer warriors are NOT!!! going away.  We will keep exposing what is really!!! going on in these killing mills until women stop going to them & start seeking help with pro-life pregnancy centers... then perhaps our government will catch up with our nations & get rid of this disgusting law that allows women to have their own babies killed.  We pray for these confused moms (& dads) every night. (Jenny)